Картинка профиля


  • list-dmitrij
  • 1 июня, 1976

Обо мне

Desire to encounter and date the solitary sister in Christ for the family relationship.

My personal characteristics:

  • I was never married.
  • I have no relatives.
  • I have no children, no babies, no parents.
  • My ecclesiastical service is the translator and editor of the Sacred Scripture in the newest American English language.
  • My ecclesiastical service is a prayer congregation.
  • My job is the laborer of urban beneficence.
  • My education is medium technical education.
  • My possession of the foreign languages - American English language; Basic Spanish languages; Basic Latin language; Intermediate British English language.

Characteristics of damsels:

  • Favoring Dominator - Jesus Christ.
  • Desiring to serve jointly with me to edit the Sacred Scripture.

Desiring to communicate and study the English-lingual Bible.


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